Arizona, United States August 3rd 2009: Steel prices hit an all time low last month. Experts have predicted that they will start to rise over the remainder of 2009. As a result, consumers struggling with financing the construction of new metal roofing on their properties could cause many to rely heavily on a new tax credit put in place by the federal government.

Energy Star products allow home owners to receive federal tax credits of up to $1500 or one third the total purchase price for installing energy efficient improvements on their properties. Energy Star metal roofing is certainly one of the ways to save on energy and qualify for the tax credit. From the outset of the rise in steel prices, it seemed this might put consumers off this previously cheap material, but with the federal tax credit in place it has become more affordable again. This means more Government-driven business for manufacturers of metal and steel roofing such as US company Absolute Steel (

“Metal roofing is environmentally friendly because the materials used are made from recycled steel” says Absolute Steel CEO Dean Thomas, “In addition; it‘s more durable, needs little to no maintenance and can be assembled by customers themselves. The tax credit is a bonus added to a deal that‘s already very solid”

It‘s estimated that next month consumer interest in federal tax credit for metal roofing construction will rocket, leaving steel roofing manufacturers such as Absolute Steel with a higher sales volume and the steel industry in the perfect position to recover from its recent downfall. Experts can see little risk in the Energy Star tax credit failing, since the consumer, the manufacturer, the Government and the environment will all benefit.

Guadalupe based metal roofing company Absolute Steel has become the US‘ top supplier and manufacturer of steel building kits and metal roofing. As members of the American Welding Society, since their launch in 1999 the company has since become the preferred steel building kit supplier of the US Armed Forces, as well as the many home owners that have chosen to buy from them in the past ten years before the federal tax credit was made available.

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