Sugarsnap: The Valentine’s Card Fairy is a read that the whole family can enjoy.

The magic that takes hold from the first page through to the last will radiate long after you’ve finished reading Sugarsnap: The Valentine’s Card Fairy. With imagery that is depicted through the book’s vivid descriptions and images, the reader feels like they have stepped across the pages and into the story, which will warm the heart and soul with joy and love.

The book jacket reads: Sugarsnap is a Valentine’s Card Fairy and her busiest time for creating amazing and magical cards is from January through Valentine’s Day. She also teaches students at the Fairy School how they can make their own cards and about the magic that surrounds them. Sugarsnap can’t do everything alone and she relies on some amazing fairy animals to help her with important tasks like making deliveries to stores so that fairies and humans can enjoy her magical creations and give them to their loved ones. Sugarsnap also teams up with Florinda, a florist fairy to create a special flowering card, and with a fairy writer whose name is Trumpet to create memorable verses. Throughout her work, Sugarsnap even discovers a romance of her own. Read Sugarsnap: The Valentine’s Card Fairy to explore this magical journey of card creation and love.

Order your copy of Sugarsnap: The Valentine’s Card Fairy today in order to discover the magic behind this enchanting fairy and her fairy and animal friends.

Teelie Turner strives to make the world a more beautiful place through the magic of Fairy Land. One of her goals in recording the many events in her magical world of fairies is to use them as an easy-to-accept tool for teaching life lessons. Adults enjoy reading the stories and sharing them with their children. The author takes her appreciation of fairies a step further with her hobby, creating miniature fairy gardens. She began her fairy garden work in 2014 and offers details on her website, Her other magical website is Both of these websites are gems when it comes to wanting a magical getaway.

Teelie Turner lives in the Pacific Northwest. When she is not busy reporting the adventures of the magical fairies who inspire her, she enjoys a variety of activities including real-world gardening, interior decoration, tennis, boating, and working with philanthropic activities benefiting the community where she lives. She has business experience in publishing, merchandising and electronic commerce.

To find out more about Teelie Turner, visit Send questions via e-mail to Lynn [email protected] or call 206-414-0543.

Teelie would like to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. May love and magic follow you always. And, thank you for taking this adventure through Fairy Land with us. Teelie and her magical fairies are so glad to have you among them.