Some people are harmful to our health according to Canadian motivational speaker/ humorist Mike Moore. “ Toxic people make up about ten percent of the population, but cause over fifty percent of all damage done to relationships in your private and professional life.” Moore says.

“ If we don‘t learn to deal effectively with the difficult people in our lives we risk losing our health and our sense of well being.”

People are often toxic because they get away with it and it works for them. Assert yourself and toxic, aggressive behaviour begins to disappear.

Moore, author of the manual, “ Dealing with Difficult People” speaks to organizations throughout the United States and Canada offering simple and effective strategies on becoming assertive and coping with the people in your life that make your life hellish.

“People don‘t exist to be the personal doormats of verbal bullies,” Moore insists.

You can‘t change toxic people, but you can learn how to cope with them and neutralize their toxic impact on your health.

Here are 10 Effective ways to handle the toxic people in your life

* Always stand at eye level with the person you are confronting. Never have them standing over you looking down.

* Respect the toxic person and always expect respect in return. Settle for nothing less.

* Remain calm.

* Listen attentively.

* Don't argue or interrupt, just listen.

* Don't accuse or judge, just state how you feel.

* If the toxic person tries to verbally bully you, just say, " I don't allow people to treat me this way." Then slowly and calmly walk away.

* When someone is being toxic to you here is a powerful response and one that is easy to use because you don't have to say a word. In the midst of a toxic attack just PAUSE....LOOK AT THE PERSON, WITHOUT EMOTION......TURN AND WALK AWAY. It works!

* Anger is sometimes a valid response.

* If all else fails you might be left with only one option; to separate yourself from the toxic person in your life.


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Mike Moore is an international speaker and writer on “ Humor and Stress Management” “ Humor in the Workplace” and “ Humor and Human Relations”

Contact Mike for a lively and informative interview at 519 753 0702