Bristol, United Kingdom (October 23, 2009) - An industry leader in the development of web-based and tailored mobile marketing through web to SMS and text messaging, Text Marketer have launched a new programme to enable businesses to market themselves and help the environment at the same time!

Companies nowadays face a dilemma as they need to effectively market their goods and services, but always strive to improve their green credentials, and when as few as 10,000 one-page mailers can use 2.5 fully grown trees in paper production alone, without even considering the environmental effects of printing or distribution, the problem becomes all too clear.

To address this, Text Marketer have launched the Plant a Forest Programme for its SMS marketing customers, through which 25,000 square metres of native UK woodlands is planted for every 10,000 bulk SMS messages sent, vastly improving the company's "green" standing.

With access to certification stating the number of trees planted and the amount of carbon the company's marketing activities have helped to absorb, the Plant a Forest Programme offers businesses a truly effective means to reduce their impact on the environment, while also benefiting from a highly effective form of marketing.

"The Plant a Forest Programme offers a win-win situation for everybody," states Richard Hawley, Director of Text Marketer. "Business SMS marketing is not only over 90% cheaper than sending a letter, it also produces a significantly higher response and referral rate, and the environmental benefits clearly speak for themselves."