Miami, FL - Collon Brown of Perfectore Corp. has developed a simple wearable tool in response to an epidemic of slouching. While hundreds of thousands of people are deteriorating at a rapid rate due to overuse of computers and smart phones a modern solution is imperative.

"I've been in the business for over a decade and have to say, the time to act is now," claims Brown. “Every day not strengthening and conditioning the vital muscles that support good posture is a day closer to chronic pain and poor performance. We have made it as easy and fun as possible to get instant results and long term benefits."

The ERGO Posture Transformer is based on the science of elastic resistance strength training. Ergonomically designed to lift and support your spine in optimum alignment, the support uses a unique approach to adjusting the vertebra so that the body rights itself instantly. This improves the center of gravity and results in improved breathing, less strain of joints and better function of vital organs. “The results can be felt instantly, many people comment that they feel lighter and have more energy.” The system is effortless all you have to do is wear it.

Brown is quick to point out that the ERGO is not a brace. “Braces build weakness. You have a natural back brace is your abdominal muscles, your spine muscles, and your core muscles. If you wear a lumbar support too much, you’ll weaken these muscles. Your body will become dependent on the use of the back brace to the point that the muscles will get lazy. Once that happens, your pain will get worse when you remove the back brace. The ERGO is a completely new genre, a wearable strength system, the first of its kind.”

“We have helped thousands of people already and the ERGO is the preferred back support recommended by chiropractors,” Brown says. “We were struggling to get it exposure on a global level and I was witnessing and personally supporting one successful Kickstarter campaign after another when I realized that we were in the perfect position to advance our own brand.”

Perfectore’s Kickstarter Campaign launched on March 6th 2017 and doubled its funding goal in less than a day. You have till April 7th to get in on rewards offering substantial savings on the retail price. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/708946960/the-ergo-posture-transformer-perfect-posture-insta

Perfectore Corp. is a exercise equipment manufacturer that specializes in a unique concept of Wearable Strength Gear devices and accessories designed to support and strengthen the body. You can contact them directly at [email protected] or call them at 786 245 4042 ask for Marina Prospero.

Marina Prospero
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