An anniversary present for customers and fans. 20 years of AARON amplifiers.

Today, Thomas Höhne, founder of the High End Manufacture in Elze, surprised music lovers and fans of the AARON High End amplifiers: On the occasion of the company‘s anniversary, as to the 20th birthday of the AARON amplifiers, there will be a birthday type brought on the market in Elze in Lower Saxony. A real High End integrated amplifier for only 2,000 EURO.

The new integrated amplifier called „XX“(spoken: „Double X“) will be available at selected traders and High End consultants from September.
With two times 80 Watt at 8 Ohm and two times 140 Watt at 4 Ohm speakers, the amplifier will ensure the powerful and precise playback of its owner's favorite music. However , as Thomas Höhne promises, the new High End creation does not only meet the high expectations concerning musical quality, but also the design as well as the build quality of the XX will make the hearts of AARON-Fans beat a little bit faster. According to Höhne, the price of 2,000 EUR for the amplifier, which is produced only in Western Europe, will shock far eastern competitors: „We are very proud that we are able to design and produce devices of this quality in the middle of Europe. We would like to maintain this level of quality for the next 20 years.“

If you would like to put a 100 EURO note on your trusted Hi-Fi-salesman‘s counter twenty times, you can contact High End in Elze already. Call 05068-2858 to get information by telephone. Of course, queries of advance orders via e-mail will be answered as well.

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