The Copper Mugs Are Making a Comeback! Kitchen Supreme to Launch

26th of April, New York

Drinking from copper cups has not been a new thing for almost a thousand years now since the ancestors used to drink from vessels made out of copper for a long time before they have been brought back.

During the 1950s, the Moscow Mule cocktail increased in popularity because it was a new mix of flavors that appealed to the public. Easy to prepare and filled with flavor, the only ingredients needed for the Moscow Mule Cocktail are vodka, lime and ginger ale. A brand new cocktail required a stylish new mug, therefore, they have decided to maintain the flavor and even make it stronger by using the copper mule mugs.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the time when Kitchen Supreme believes that the Moscow mule copper mug trend should definitely come back!

Based on their track record of being a trustworthy company with nothing less than high-quality products for sale, the small family business has launched this product in hopes that it will help grow the company even more day by day! The Moscow mule cups promise to be everything that is needed for any cocktail to taste good.

About the Product

The Copper Mugs Set for Two by Kitchen Supreme is the newest addition to their collection of products they have launched so far.

The owner of the company mentioned that drinking from the Kitchen Supreme Copper Mugs is not simply about consuming alcohol as much as it is about having an experience and appreciating the true flavor the copper mugs can reveal in contact with any cocktail.

Delivered in a sleep, black, deluxe gift box, the set includes the two copper mugs, a copper shot glass, two uniquely designed wooden coasters, two copper straws and to make the experience as easy as possible, a recipe book for unfortunate sudden lack of inspiration!
About the Company

The company was created in 2013 in the USA by Frank Williams and has been manufacturing and distributing their kitchen supplies across the ecommerce platform Amazon, with steady success since its launch.

Determined to provide nothing less than high-quality customer support for their loyal clients, this small family business will go as far as to vouch for complete happiness for their customers.

When asked what drives his business, the owner simply replied that he just learned from the very beginning to listen to the feedback they receive as a business as that will show them the path and obstacles they would have to jump over in order to achieve success!

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