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1. View thousands of Ganeshas
Festive season is around again and the celebrations are ahead. The idols are worshiped all around the country and we are busy enough to visit few enough. Is it hard to see the statues due to heavy traffic and security reasons in your city? Never before we had a chance to have a glimpse of these masterpieces at a large-scale. But now, you can, it‘s just a click
Far-away!!! So, go ahead and browse all these idols in a click

2. Start the day with A Prayer

3. History- The Myth

4. View your friends and family pujas
How about the puja rituals performed? Do you want to know and share the method and importance of performing Ganapathi puja? Then, here is the best solution. Besides, you can see your friends and families rituals. You can also find the Slokams here.

5. Upload your idol snaps & videos
Excited to see all your friends and family photos! Do you want to share the space with them, so that others can view your photos? Then, go ahead and upload your snaps, videos and Slokams
6. View your home, street, Colony, Area statues
Have you seen Ganesha idol in your lane, other lanes, your area, other areas, your city, other cities, through out... Now get a glimpse of delighting idols all over, where ever you are, you can visit any place… try it now!!
7. Nimarjanam of idols
In cities like Bombay and Hyderabad Nimarjanam of these idols takes place with lots of energy and enthusiasm. The day is known for enjoyment, dance and celebrations. Catch these all here
8. Select your choice of best idol
So many to count!!! Think your home/street/city idol was the best? Or any other?
Let‘s grade the idols and nominate for the Best Idol of the year.
9. Forward
Is it so good to just have a glimpse? Or do you wish more, then “wish karo , forward karo “
Forward to individuals, group and share the happiness with all. It also gains you points that will win exciting prizes. More you forward, More you gain.
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Do you wish to save some of the precious moments to yourself, then here we go!

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