If you're fed up with the 9 - 5 and have a skill to offer, it could be time to consider the life of a freelancer. You get the freedom to choose the path you really want your career to take, as well as when you want to work - both great attractions. Many people from the world of entertainment are choosing to set themselves up as freelancers as it can also prove an incredibly lucrative move financially, but you must be sure that you keep on top of the money.

The benefits and pitfalls of freelancing
No matter what your current role may be, you're sure to see a rise in the amount of money you have coming in when you choose to go off on your own. However, consider the fact that you will have no benefits; the thought of no holiday pay or sick leave can often be enough to turn off some people, but you may consider this a fair trade off. Just maintain a disciplined outlook and perhaps you'll be able to balance your work and home life effectively.

One of the things you'll discover early on is that an awful lot of time is spent keeping track of your balance sheet. Keeping tabs on everything from business expenses and income to making sure that all your financial documentation and paperwork is up to date is just the start. A lot of freelancers soon decide to hand over the whole lot to a specialist who can organise it all on their behalf.

Free yourself from the stress
Specialist entertainment accountants are on hand who will be able to deal with a wide range of queries that you may have; they understand the workings of the industry and can help you out in many ways. Everything from National Insurance Contributions to your annual tax bills can be discussed with them, and many even offer their services for a monthly flat rate. Many professionals now offer a fixed fee accountant service, meaning that you'll be able to set aside an exact amount per month that will retain their skills without breaking the bank.

Choosing to free your time up by passing the everyday financial aspects of your work to a professional is a simple choice that allows you to spend more time on getting your business seen and heard. You'll have even more freedom to pick and choose your projects, increasing your profile as well as your bank balance. Leave it to the professionals and give yourself the freedom you deserve.

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