Hanoi, April 14, 2010 -- The Hanoi based tour operator “Lotussia Travel” is proud to announce the launch of a state-of-the-art website in French language allowing French-speaking people to get more information about the country of Vietnam and its people.

Vietnam used to be one of most preferred travel destination in Asia for those who look for off-the-beaten path tour itineraries and authentic places. The Hanoi travel market attracts visitors from countries worldwide and these visitors speak a wide variety of languages.

To accommodate the diversity of languages, one of the dynamic adventure travel company covering the Hanoi market, Lotussia Travel, have now released a copy of their website pages in French at lotussia-travel.com to satisfy the demands of their French customers. The website exposes lots of useful information about Vietnam landscapes, Vietnamese culture, local weather, hotel information and sample tour packages ranging from easy-touring to challenging adventure.

French tourists make up a significant percentage of the Hanoi tourist market and traditionally French speakers find a much higher level of value in being able to book in their native French language, rather than through an English worded site.

As one of the founders of Lotussia Travel, Khuong Nguyen reports that “the French market is important to Lotussia Travel and we are happy to now be able to offer a French site version offering French customers one more travel resource they can read in their mother language”.

He continues: “2009 was a quite difficult time for many travel companies in Hanoi but we believe the image of 2010 will be much nicer. We keep finding out more new travel products that make the tour price lower without degrading our service quality”.

Lotussia Travel is a Hanoi based travel company offering the widest selection of multi-activity adventure tours and value-for-money travel service in Vietnam such as jungle trekking, mountain biking, motorcycle touring, sea kayaking, river rafting, scuba diving, snorkeling, golf packages and more.

For further information please visit http://www.lotussia-travel.com or contact Public Relations Manager Michael Nguyen by email: pr [at] lotussiatravel.com