The sounds of rain and flowing wind have the therapeutic effect on our mind. After a hectic day full of stress and strain our body and mind need to feel relaxed and serene. And the gentle sounds of rainfall and blowing wind alleviate our body, mind and soul. This healing power of the natural sounds of rain and wind are really helpful for masking the disturbing sounds in the environment. Several companies and meditation institutes and organizations have released rain mp3 and wind mp3 records as the sources of white sounds that can cure our stressed out minds and bodies.

Listening to the rain mp3 can give you the amazing feel of being one with the tranquil nature. It has been proved that the natural forces in any shape and form are more powerful than any other external and artificial forces. And the recorded sound of the pouring rain works really wonders to heal the disturbed mind and sleepless body. Similarly, the sound of wind does magic in covering up all those harsh sounds around us that can cause distraction and stress to our mind and body.

Music and soothing sounds have always been part of all kinds of meditations. The soft and pleasant effect of sound helps us to achieve the peace of mind much easily than in any other way. The rain meditation is a way where you use the magical sound of rain to reach the point where your mind, body and soul get free from all the tension.To feel the healing touch of rain sound you can purchase the most popular rain mp3 for your meditation. The wind mp3 will also help you to ignore the disquieting sounds in the surrounding and to have a sound sleep. You can use these sound tracks while working or reading as well.

Other than masking the other noises the sounds of rain and wind also help us to perceive better. In every form of meditation perception is an important factor. While meditating, we need to channel all our senses into one single narrow and focused point. As we perceive something and concentrate on that particular object we reach the goal of meditation easily. If you listen to the rain mp3 with your closed eyes you can create a picture that takes you close to the nature and eventually calms your distressed mind and spirit. The same happens when you listen to the wind mp3.

To experience the bliss of nature and the power of white sound while meditating, play either the rain mp3 or the wind mp3 according to your choice. With these meditation tools you will feel more relaxed and peaceful than ever.

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