The Prevalence of Digital Currency is The Practice of ‘Anarchy Intervention’

The very serious phenomenon of currency overload has appeared all over the world, and it also brought about the currency war between countries. The injustice of currency is the biggest injustice in the world, but the emergence of bitcoin makes it possible to stop the injustice. - The president of UDAE said

In 2017, the prevalence of digital currencies all over the world makes block chain technology be used on a large scale, so 2017 is known as the first years of the global block chain technology. In a recent report published by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) pointed out that central banks should not ignore the current digital currency.

Where is the meaning of the digital currency?

Currency is the foundation of finance, and the important functions of currency is the medium of transaction and the storage of value. Currency has brought convenience to people’s life, but at the same time, it has also brought obstacles, such as the exchange between different currencies, and currency always depreciates with the increase of circulation. After the emergence of bitcoin, the history of currency has entered the third stage- the decentralized digital currency based on mathematics and probability. It is also said that the foundation of the bitcoin is the Internet itself. As long as the Internet is not destroyed, the value of bitcoin will not be destroyed. There is a default risk in the national currency contract, but the risk of the Internet is far less than it

For this reason, the digital currency represented by bitcoin is an ideal state undoubtedly: across borders, without central banks, and without the influence of national policies. From view of the transaction, transactions can be completed instantly and without any obstacles, and it means that the trading function of currency can be fully manifested. From the view of the storage value of currency, the total amount of digital money is strictly limited and the value of currency thus will not be easily devalued.

From the view of security, digital currency is a distributed virtual currency. Decentration is its typical feature, and it is also the guarantee of security and freedom for digital currency. The typical characteristic of digital currency determine that it can’t be intervened by any external force, and its quantity is stable, thus the possibility of overflowing issuance is eliminated. Decentration also makes the digital currency indestructible. It is impossible to attempt to shut down and destroy a digital currency network for any institution or individual.

From the view of convenience, Currency-to-Currency trading can directly realize the exchange between digital assets directly, conveniently and quickly. And it also saves economic cost and time cost without any additional investment. The exchange between the digital currency and legal currency has been realized quickly using the Over-the Counter(OTC) trading and it makes that the people can hold digital currency quickly and easily.

The Unite Digital Assets Exchange (UDAE) as a new digital currency trading platform, integrates the advantages of existing exchanges with safety, decentration, fast and convenience. UDAE will the support the multiple digital currency transactions by expanding cooperation with other digital currency team. In addition to supporting the Currency-to-Currency trading and the Over-the-Counter trading, UDAE will continue to seek cooperation with the bank on bank cards, cash and other services. On the type of service, UDAE will take the exchange service as the basic service and continue to expand daily life services such as shopping, games, reading and so on. UDAE is committed to providing more opportunities for investors and providing more convenient services for users.

In the age of the Internet, the application of digital assets is expanding, and the demand of the market is increasing. Digital currency is used in more and more occasions, such as digital asset transactions, media or conference related digital assets, speeches, forums and so on. UDAE can provide more opportunities for investors, provide trust and protection for business cooperation, provide more and more faster and convenient services for users.

There is no doubt, more and more people will feel the best services and perfect trading experience on UDAE.

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