Austin-San Marcos, Texas ( 12PressRelease ) November 13, 2009 With the stock market constantly proving itself to be unstable, investors are turning to another method of investing for their retirement. Truly Self Directed IRA ( is a company that is providing new options for investors by giving them safety from the volatile nature of today's stock market.

While some critics of this type of plan have stated that the market always bounces back, the current recovery is seen as a reaction to the government stimulus plan and, therefore, is not sustainable. Investors are now looking for alternatives to the market and many of these people believe that real estate IRA is the way to go.

Josh Moore of Truly Self Directed IRA states that "there has been a significant increase in the number of real estate IRA deals being done." This bodes well for the future of this type of investments, "as many people are now choosing this method over the stock market," Moore adds.

This is a direct backlash from the amount of money that has been lost in the stock market over the past couple of years. Individuals have been forced to work well beyond their perceived retirement date because their retirement funds have been depleted.

In some cases, these individuals have seen their funds decrease by 50% in a very short span, which "rarely happens around the median home priced real estate market. People need a place to live no matter what is happening on Wall Street. Even though the real estate market did go through some short term problems, it has rebounded in many parts of the country and has truly stabilized," states Moore.

The Real estate IRA is meant to help people take control of their own destinies by giving them some control over where their personal investments are placed. "The days of relying on a big company or a large government pension is no longer a sustainable strategy for retirees because these program seem to always receive cuts, especially during and following a recessionary period. Therefore, it is a wise idea for every investor to evaluate their investment strategy and take personal responsibility for their own retirement plan.

Moore says, "we are starting to see a trend where younger investors are asking about the Real Estate IRA. This trend is increasing for a number of reasons:

1. Many are seeking to truly diversify.
2. Many want control over where their retirement funds are invested.
3. Many realize homes will always be in demand.
4. Many of the 30 and 40 somethings realize there is not going to be a safety net for them like Social Security so they must take the initiative now or face a substandard lifestyle during their retirement years."

In addition, "many wonder with the current state of the economy and the loses suffered over the past year whether they will be able to retire," concludes Moore.

For more information on real estate IRA, contact Josh Moore at or 877-339-4559.

About Truly Self Directed IRA:
Truly Self Directed IRA is an investment firm that allows all investors to take funds that they otherwise would have placed into low return investments and place these investments wherever they see fit. It is advised that these funds are placed in real estate or development because these investments provide a greater return in a shorter period of time. Investors have been scared away from the stock market, but this is a viable alternative for investors of all sizes to look into.

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