If you have ever imagined living in a tropical paradise with spectacular scenery almost everywhere you go, a place where you can live happily with your family feeling safe and secured, then there is no better place than the Republic of Vanuatu. Located east of Australia and west of Fiji, the South Pacific Ocean Island isn't just about spectacular sceneries alone, there is also a thriving economy. And an agricultural property developer is offering a very rare chance to take advantage of the Island's booming economy with its Agricultural property investment program. The program offers an opportunity to earn a passive income as well as becoming a citizen of Vanuatu.

To become a citizen of Vanuatu, you will need to have clean police and Interpol record, must be worth at least in assets $450,000 and will need to make a minimum contribution of $150,000 to the Government's citizenship-by-Investment program plus pay another $10,000 in processing fees. But all that won't be needed with the Agricultural property investment program. Promoted by Richard Butler, a property developer with 40 years experience & two times appointed Honorary trade commissioner by Vanuatu (2012/2015 and 2017/2019), via Vanuatu companies Melanesian waterfront real estate ltd in conjunction with South pacific plantations ltd, the program will take you by the hand and help you become a legal citizen in Vanuatu in as little as 30 to 60 days while also providing you a low-risk investment with a stable yield.

All that is needed to become a fully legal citizen of Vanuatu with the Agricultural property investment program is to buy a 10 X 1 acre separately titled red papaya farm for $500,000. The investment is secured by a real estate title and is projected to yield at least 10% per annum. Investors will not only gain from the appreciation of the land itself but will also earn income from the food it produces year after year. The farmland will also be managed under a farm share contract with South Pacific Plantations Ltd. The company will do all the heavy-lifting starting from clearing the land to planting the 400 red Hawaiian papaya trees and finally selling the fruits for international export.

Interested investors who would like to take advantage of this rare opportunity to earn and live in a tax-friendly south pacific nation paradise should visit www.vanuatuinvest.com/second-citizenship.

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