WORLD WIDE WEB, August 30th, 2009--Dynamic Growth Investments (DGI) has announced the online presence of My Well of Wealth (, established to enable you to get the "Mad Money" that you probably want but are clueless about how to get. What is My Well of Wealth, and how can it possibly bring you your Mad Money? Let's hear from founder and one of the three staff financial wealth and abundance coaches, Peter Luke Baptiste, to answer those questions.

Peter Baptiste is a trained Evangelistic preacher/concert pianist and real estate investor who has a real passion to make a difference in the area of wealth and abundance for others. He developed this passion to create a financial difference in the lives of others after he saw hundreds of people losing their homes due to foreclosure. After working in the field of Foreclosure Prevention for the last five years Peter Baptiste recognized the need for a unique kind of service and information in the community.

He recognized that most people are living in a frustrating fantasy when it came down to their finances. And that is because they don't have a Master Money Plan to Create Mad Money. They have a weak, ordinary plan to merely pay the bills...

"Five years ago, though I was well educated and trained as a spiritual leader, minister, and business professional, I was broke. I knew nothing of my own personal wealth and believed my earning potential was limited. Even worse, I felt shackled to my debts. They just kept hanging around," says Baptiste.

"I had pennies in my pockets, nothing in the bank and creditors calling! Finally I said enough is enough! I resolved to conquer this problem. I took real estate courses and personal development courses. I confronted my fears about life and my beliefs about money. And it worked! I moved from the one bedroom basement apartment I was renting.

"Six months later I bought five homes with little or no money down totaling one million dollars in value. And, in the last five years I've helped over 100 struggling families turn their financial life around. In addition I offered ongoing support to them through my ministry. Now, after hearing the multiple stories of hardship at kitchen tables, I found out something. There are some little known but unique distinctions that will create dramatic shifts in the area of your money and your personal wealth.

"Do you want amazing financial results? Well, I've created the 'My WOW 30-Day Challenge' just for you. I capture and express these unique principles that create results and share them with you in this program."

Baptiste unlocked the secrets of getting Mad Money for himself, and he and the My WoW coaching staff know how to show you how to do the same thing for yourself. It all comes down to throwing away your self-limiting beliefs, just as Baptiste learned to do. Abundance is everywhere, and the only way for you to have Mad Money is to learn to accept that. In the end, making Mad Money is not about being attached to making more money at all--it is a spiritual principle.

Understanding this spiritual principle means that you approach your powerful miracle-working prayers (or, if you prefer, using the Law of Attraction) with an attitude of gratitude. It also means that you commit yourself to increasing your value to other people in any way that you have an ability in and that you would love to pour your entire being--your body, mind, and heart--into. When you pray or create with an attitude of gratitude and an unbending commitment to increasing your value to other people, the money begins to stream into your life like an unending waterfall.

Ironically, if all you ever think about is "making more money", you become attached to that idea and you will never be able to make enough. Your own mind, or the way that you pray, actually keeps you in debt so that you can live out the idea that you became attached to--the idea that always "there must be more money!"

People do not plan to fail. They fail to plan. The My WoW 30 Day Challenge offers all who participate in this free opportunity the chance to complete the creation of a plan to eliminate debt and start building Mad Money levels of wealth within 30 days. Within this plan participants get an opportunity to see for the very first time what their relationship to money has been and how that relationship has held them to a limited place financially, actually preventing their own Well of Mad Money from manifesting in their lives. After confronting their powerful but most likely hidden relationship to their debts they are given the tools to identify, confront, and eliminate those debts. Then they get a chance to identify their true wealth possibility and develop a plan to bring wealth into reality. By taking inventory of it, counting it, and discovering ways of developing a powerful relationship to it they will actually manifest it into an additional monthly income of $1,000 to $5,000 per month within six months. From there, their money manifesting ability will grow, and Mad Money will come into their lives.

Mad Money is not just for the lucky. Mad Money is not just for the ruthless conquistadors of life. Mad Money is for you--and you can have your very own Well of Wealth. Join My Well of Wealth and see for yourself!


My Well of Wealth (My WOW) is a powerful and transforming interactive site that provides tools to allow participants to create a plan within 30 days to eliminate debt and start building wealth. Participants are able to do this by being coached in creating a dynamic shift in their relationship to money.

Peter Luke Baptiste
My Well of Wealth
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