For someone who has never had a garden, they would understand why people love gardening if they ever tried it. You could start a garden today, even if you have never had one before. Your confidence and knowledge can increase pretty quickly, by starting small with only a few things to grow. If you aren't ready to start a garden, and need a few reasons to be convinced, here are some benefits.

One of the number one reasons to garden is that it's a wonderful way to relax and get rid of stress. Being busy in your garden will allow you to forget your worries, after all there are plenty of them in the modern world. All of your problems won't just vanish, but there is something about being in and around nature and the earth that will make you feel more centered. Frustrating problems and situations are focused on when we're stressed due to us being too much in our heads. We can focus all of our energy in a positive way thanks to gardening as it's a very practical and physical activity. Your garden can be a nice refuge from the everyday stresses of life, even if you can only make time for a few hours each week.

Quite a lot of herbs aren't difficult to grow and there are lots of benefits to growing them in your outdoor or indoor garden. You'll soon be able to add exotic flavors to your cooking. You will also be able to learn about the varying tastes that are in the same herb family, like basil, garlic, rosemary and mint. You can also do some learning about the many herbs that have medicinal properties. You could also create teas or tinctures from your herbs to make healthy tonics, or they could be useful for healing various illnesses. Herbs can benefit your health and taste buds, and herb gardens are practical, fun and simple.

Finding the time to spend out in nature keeps getting harder and harder for most people to do. When you have a garden, you will be able to have interaction with nature anytime you want to go out and enjoy being in your garden. To visit a forest or meadow might take a long drive, unless you live in a rural area. Numbers are not the most important thing when you are doing a garden, but having a connection with nature when you help a plant to grow, as well as flowers. The fresh, natural air that you find being out in a natural surrounding will renew your state of mind, and energize your health. If you need a reason to start a garden, your health is why.

The more involved with gardening you become, the more you'll realize how many benefits it has. Gardening has both emotional and physical benefits, most of which you will be unaware of until you start tilling the soil. And that doesn't even count the obvious benefits, which appear when the vegetables or flowers you planted start growing!

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