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This dynamic skate deck art springs from the imagination of Ben Tallon and features at the up-coming ´Decked‘ exhibition in London, where some fifty artists have created art directly onto a skate deck.
The exhibition takes place at Stolen space Gallery, 91 Brick Lane, Poplar, London, E15, UK, and runs from 25th to 30th August, with a private view on Thursday the 27th from 7pm.
Martin's Maze

Unsure of conditions on alien planets? Check out Mark Oliver‘s nutty interactive science game ´Martin's Maze‘ on London‘s Science Museum website and you may know more.
Commissioned by Spiral Productions, Mark created and animated all the elements, characters and environments for ´Martin's Maze‘, and worked alongside Spiral‘s Yoshiko Yano to assemble the finished interactive piece.
Alien Gunk!
Vincent Vigla has just completed work on a fun set of children‘s books for Harper Collins: ´The Gunk Aliens‘ series.

The four books, written by Jonny Moon, are illustrated in black and white with covers in color, and feature around forty illustrations each. Says Vincent: “It was of course a very fun job to take, and two other books should be realized in the near future.”

Corr in Close-up

Now until 6th September brings the chance to view some fabulous Christopher Corr paintings at West Dean in Sussex, near Chichester.

Chris‘s collection brings together paintings from his many varied travels to India, USA, Madagascar, Australia and France. You can also learn from the master himself as Chris will be teaching a painting course there in March.

Henry VIII Stamp Set

Gail Armstrong has created an incredible set of stamps on Henry VIII for Guernsey Post to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the coronation of the legendary king.

Gail has used a color palette that is heavily influenced by the paintings and textiles of the era. "All of the patterned and textured papers I used for these pieces, I created digitally" explained Gail "rather than being compromised by what was available."

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