Subject Bali Popularity.

Despite the recent terrorist attack in Jakarta, tourists continue to flock to the tiny island of Bali. By now most wise travelers are aware that Jakarta is a long way from Bali, & that Security is very prevalent in Bali itself.

Major shopping centres in Kuta & nightclubs & even larger Restaurants all have security in place to inspect vehicles, handbags etc.

Anybody traveling home from Bali will have experienced the thorough ( at times tiresome ) searching of all baggage, especially carry on bags.

Accommodation businesses are smiling at long last, & a recently internet listed property specializing in Bali accommodation is reporting an outstanding amount of activity for its Villa in Sanur.

This popularity is helped along by the increased number of flights from Australia to Bali, & reports advise that Air Asia is doing very well with its flights from Perth.

So perhaps the Australian Government will soon see fit to alter their stance on travel to Bali as Australian & European Tourists flock to the Island. After all, we don‘t see other Government‘s advising people not to travel to terrorist inflicted Oz.

Allan Prince