Sydney, Australia April 12th 2010 There is a wide opportunity to make money in the internet marketing industry and there has been huge success stories of the people who have made lots of money online. It is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that everybody opts for in the first place, due to huge traffic potential and to attract the targeted inbound audience. SEO is basically optimizing a website using some strategies in such a way that your website gets higher rankings by popular search engines. Today, the number of people who search information online has increased tremendously. This is the reason for the industry to grow and the potential of making money online has become wider. Some of the methods that help you generate targeted traffic are viral marketing, email marketing and affiliate internet marketing.

Viral Marketing basically means a product promotion in the form of advertising that can be spread very fast with the help of the powerful Internet medium. This inspires the people to buy a product merely through word of mouth. This powerful technique is used by many industries to make easy money online as they can avoid money invested to hire public relation or advertising. But instead, they make the product appear in multiple places on the web where many people access. gives you detailed ideas on such techniques.

Some of the internet marketing tools that help to get Targeted Traffic are Targeted Email Marketing, List Building, Affiliate Marketing, providing Backlinks etc. Emails are sent to the specific group of target audience. This technique is followed by many companies today to Generate Traffic to their site. This can also be termed as generating Targeted Traffic. When people opt to buy the product or service become customers.

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