December 28th 2009,

Having analyzed the apparel fashion trends individually for Tokyo women in their teens, twenties and thirties, has now released the cross analysis report comparing the tendencies across these age groups. The 300 respondents were surveyed in the Tokyo metropolitan area to determine primarily what, where and how much they spend on their fashion.

Tokyo has recently undergone a dramatic change recently as the relatively inexpensive H & M, Forever21 and Uniqlo are now in as much demand as the expensive luxury brands. The analysis seems to highlight this change in shopping habits..

Some intriguing facts showed that teens and twentysomethings both preferred to shop in department stores (most notably Lumine, Marui and Parco) whilst thirtysomethings preferred online shopping (Rakuten). Across the board they all agreed that the No.1 resource for fashion trend information was fashion magazines, followed by television. The number one fashion brand in all three groups was Nolley‘s (Japanese fashion store). Although the women in twenties and thirties were similar in taste for overseas brands (Louis Vuitton and Coach), Forever21 topped the teen‘s list. One thing they all agreed on was their most recent favorite purchase which was the one-piece dress.

The key decision factor for making a purchase was design, price and then brand loyalty in all groups, with quality being not as important as these key factors. The most influential person on their purchase for teens and twentysomethings was friends and family but interestingly for thirtysomethings not only family but also TV stars made a difference for them.

For the complete market report, feel free to contact us directly. Sections of this report are also available for free to subscribers.

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