Top Resources for the Healthy Aging Market Chosen By Industry Experts

Today, National Press Distributors concluded analysis of industry leading resources and top ranked assets for the healthy aging enterprise. Experts researched current trends, consumer needs, and effective strategies to present an efficient collection of media, services and books targeted for the majority of the reachable market. Each medium is represented in the final report published here.

Recommended books: “Biology of Aging” reveals the latest in aging science from renowned expert Roger McDonald. Tackling aging issues from a cellular level, honing in on the natural process of aging and what it means, is what makes this book shine. His overview of how growing older is a perfect science, and how to ensure you age well, is what makes this novel one of the best.

Suggested services: Regenerative medicine is a relatively new process in longevity therapy, with no negative side effects and is accessible for all patients at any stage in life. Dr. Kate Kass , practicing naturopathic physician in Seattle, implements this powerful therapy to combat fatigue, depression, muscle loss, bone density issues, and other conditions related to aging. Her services are the highest ranked in the Seattle area, encompassing a whole body approach when it comes to health and wellness.

Top-rated digital media: TEDx is a valuable outlet for all topics and subjects, and “How We Can Finally Win the Fight Against Aging” is no exception. Aubrey Grey, a biomedical gerontologist and Editor-in-Chief of a renowned peer reviewed journal in aging, presents a compelling argument against how and why we age. His methods and secrets are unlike anything modern research has been saying, and it’s clearly working for him and his colleagues.

This review is a product of National Press Distributor’s refined research of the resources available to consumers, after careful analysis. For more information about these findings, or to learn about the evaluation process, please contact the press representative.

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