Currently, cloud computing technologies are becoming increasingly popular, and the concept of Cloud Computing is one of the most fashionable trends in the development of managed network IT Support Birmingham. All of the world famous IT vendors like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and others are working every moment for the maximum result cloud computing and managed services.

In reality, nowadays there are very few families who don’t use any computer or smart devices. IT-technologies appeared in our life within the last few years, but a modern human being cannot live without IT services and products now. We cannot imagine how we would live without a phone or computer. But technology cannot work forever. There are situations when it fails.

On the computer, we store important files that we need for work, study, and also in other areas of activity. One can easily imagine what kind of difficulties may arise when the operating system “crashes” on the computer, and not all files can be restored later. It should be kept in mind that the operating system has worked for an average of 1-3 years and we are not always ready to lose the documents we need.

There is another problem. It is not always convenient to carry a flashcard with you, between work and home, and every day, constantly “throwing” files back and forth, carrying a laptop or tablet computer all the time is also not a convenient option, but you would subconsciously want these files to always be near at hand.

People face another problem. There is not always enough hard disk memory on your computer, and the file must be saved on your computer, and there is nothing to delete because everything is needed. And here we come to the assistance of the cloud storage with managed services.

Cloud Managed Network Services have become a reality, the number of cloud managed services providers and consumers is rapidly growing. Internet providers and software developers widely advertise their Cloud managed network services including education, and the word combination “cloud managed services” has become a marketing tool. The problem is that today almost every Internet provider confidently declares that all the services that it offers to its customers are “cloud services”, and many ordinary users sometimes do not understand what they are talking about or have the wrong idea about what is cloud computing.

Cloud data storage
Cloud storage is a managed service that provides the ability to store your files on remote servers, as well as access them from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet. In the conditions of rapidly growing volumes of stored and transmitted information, these services have become popular and demanded by users. Sharing a photo with a friend, accessing the book simultaneously on multiple devices, saving backup information of important information in case of loss or failure of a flash drive or hard disk, as well as making any other actions with information and data using cloud technologies has become more convenient.

Cloud storage has also been used in various companies. Today, due to the rapidly developing technologies, the main tool of companies in the competition for their place is information. It is impossible to take a single adequate, timely, success-ensuring managerial decision without having information about the issue being resolved. Every day, the company receives a large mass of information necessary for making decisions. It accumulates in various sources and repositories, turning into the experience of the enterprise. Every year this information becomes more and more in volume. The necessity of computational capacity for storing and processing such a large amount of data is increasing, which leads to large expenditures of time, money, human and other resources.

Benefits of Using Cloud Managed Services
The main advantage, a distinctive feature of cloud data storage, any deployment model, is the ability to access data from any device with Internet access. Users have the ability to publish their files, share them, edit them, and view in the browser. The cloud service also keeps a history of file changes. They also have the ability to synchronize folders between devices - a personal computer, Smartphone, tablet, etc. Cloud storage allows you to organize file sharing for viewing or editing by setting a user to a certain circle of people.

Data safety with recovery option is guaranteed by the provider of the cloud Managed IT Companies in Birmingham Services of backup drives with copies of files. To protect user data from being viewed by third parties, this data is encrypted. Depending on the service, the key may be stored on the server side or on the user side. In the first case, the system ensures the confidentiality of the key and data, decrypting them for the user. In the second case, the protected data can only be decrypted by the user himself or the user to whom the user will personally transfer the key. However, if the key is lost, the user himself will be able to decrypt those.