Travellers Auto Barn, Australia‘s #1 campervan and car rental company for travellers and backpackers, has been offering rentals to the youth market for over 15 years.

Often when young, independent minded travellers think of seeing Australia they think self drive, and why not? A self drive holiday, especially in a campervan, offers the adventurous traveller the scope and freedom to see Australia their own way, at their own pace and allows them to recapture the element of discovery which has gone missing in “backpacking” circles over the years. Self drive imposes no boundaries or timetables and the lack of a fixed itinerary leaves travellers open to take advantage of those unexpected detours that often bring the greatest reward, those chance turns that end up being the highlight of your trip.

Traditionally for anyone under the age of 21 the only way to embark on a self drive tour of Australia was to purchase their own vehicle, negotiate the minefield of registration, insurance etc and pray their new chariot lasts the journey. Insurance conditions and high pricing meant that renting a vehicle was not an option for the 18-20 age bracket. If their time was limited to just a few weeks or a couple of months the complications associated with buying and selling a car meant this was too much hassle so for most travellers on a short trip their options were limited to buses, planes and trains. This was where Travellers Auto Barn Managing Director, Peter Burke saw an opportunity.

“I saw increasing numbers of young travellers coming to Sydney and looking for a short term, reliable and, most important of all, independent method of touring Australia. Campervan rental companies at the time were pretty much the domain of older holiday makers with deeper pockets and the under 21 set were missing out on this amazing way to see the country. This is what led us to start Travellers Auto Barn. I think our continued growth, and also that of the entire sector is proof that we were really on to something”

The company was started in Sydney in 1993 and has now grown to include offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Darwin and Perth with further expansion is due in 2010.

To find out more visit our campervan rental website or contact T.A.B directly on 1800 674 374 or +61 2 8323 1505.

Travellers Auto Barn is a ´one stop shop‘ for backpacker and budget traveller planning their own trip around Australia. Travellers Auto Barn offers a range of campervans, cars & stationwagons for hire as well as for sale (including 4WDs).
30 Sepember 2009

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