Every person is different in grasping or perceiving stories. One listens according to the country, culture and place and habits. You must know to which audience are you telling a humorous story. They must be able to enjoy and laugh after your telling. So what to do. You must enter into the situation of the culture and language and then get accustomed with the language and culture of a particular person. This helps you to understand the culture. Of course you cannot tell to USA citizen a comic story that is famous in India. In the same way you cannot even tell to African guy a comic story that is famous in Australia. Every country has its own cultural understanding. Also you must think of age group that you are telling. If the age group is just 15 years, you must use a different narration of humorous story than that of the age group 5.

1. Get into personal lifestyle: while narrating a humour story, you need to consider a practical thinking by entering into day today life of a person. This means fun and comedy is not outside the person but within the personal life of the person. You must go into the life in depth of a person and use his own way of telling. This also remembers me a saying like putting into ones shoes while narrating a funny story.

2. Do not take too much time to fill sentences: It is very important to notice the pitch and voice modulation while telling any comic story. Some people take hell lot time to even tell a single sentence. This does not bring laugh and fun to the listener. You must be fast enough to narrate comic story. Tell sentences fast. Use word one after another without much gap and at the same time maintaining a voice modulation. Make sure also to maintain an eye contact. This will also allow other to listen to your every word and overall a full humorous story.

3. Twist makes up the whole story: Fun and wit are closely related with a sor to twist that is not expecting to happen. You must not give a chance to the listener to understand what you are about to tell. No one should be able to predict. Wit comes all of a sudden and not just revealing some points.

4. Use better words and sentences: When telling a humorous story, easy words and understandable words make things good. If you do not have such usage of better words, you cannot bring humour. So it is advisable to have such humorous words while telling a story.

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