It was due to the railroad system that office chairs started gaining popularity. Locality specific businesses were becoming obsolete and large organizations such as railroad companies were increasing in number. Large organizations have greater number of employees and needed proper chairs for them. The necessity for chairs in big companies increased the demand for office chairs. Therefore, the office chair started being manufactured for the comfort of the employees.

With the advancement in technology, many new features were introduced in the office chairs to make them even more comfortable. Office chairs are not limited to just one type now. Variedly designed office chairs have been introduced to cater to the growing needs for chairs in various corporate houses. Special office chairs are now available like ergonomic chairs, computer chairs, conference chairs etc. The space available, type of work and other factors determine the characteristics of office chairs.

An executive office chair is always upholstered in the best quality material. Some of the executive office chairs are even upholstered in leather. Executive office chairs have characteristically high back rests. Head rests are also a must. The height and other functions of the seat can be adjusted. This kind of office chair can be swiveled and allow greater number of adjustments as compared to other office chairs. Sometimes, they can be adjusted to offer a more reclined posture for a short nap.

Working on the computer can be extremely stressful. To reduce straining the back and the neck, computer chairs have been introduced. These types of chairs prioritize comfort and are adjustable. The seats are well cushioned and the backrest and casters can be adjusted for letting the user relax. Computer chairs should have adjustable features because employees from varying shifts use the same chair. Adjusting it makes the same chair comfortable for people with all body types.

Mesh office chair is used because they allow greater air circulation. Unlike the conventional office chair, a mesh office chair is made up of material that allows the chair to remain cool. The user does not feel hot and sweaty. This in turn increases the concentration and improves the quality of work.

Ergonomic office chairs are specially made keeping the comfort of the user in mind. This type of office chair lets a person have the right posture. The correct posture while sitting for such long hours can help in relaxing the muscles and preventing back pains. Regular chairs can put a strain on the nerves, muscles and joints of the body. Prolonged strain can lead to dangerous consequences. An ergonomic office chair too is made up of high quality upholstery. With adjustable armrest, head rest and back rest, the ergonomic office chair is a necessity in offices. It has been suggested by experts that the ergonomic office chair is a must if one is seated for more than 4 hours.

The demand for office chair is on an all time high. Manufacturers are striving hard to come up with new types of office chairs for specific purposes. New designs like ergonomic and mesh office chairs are being improvised to make sitting through long work hours as relaxing as possible.

People often end up being confused when they set out to get office chairs: . One should never select an office chair just because it is cheap. One should weigh the function and space available before choosing the right kind of office chair: .

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