Gloucestershire, - BiGDUG, one of the UK's leading suppliers of high quality storage and shelving products, has announced their new range of pallet racking systems, designed specifically for use with forklift trucks.

BiGDUG is already known for their wide range of high quality shelves and storage solutions, supplying domestic, commercial and industrial clients alike. Up to now, this has been confined to non-palleted items. Pallets have had to be unloaded before storage which is time consuming and back-breaking work.

Having seen a need to fill this niche, BiGDUG has now introduced a full range of pallet racking options to complement their existing products. Now, forklifts can be unloaded direct to the shelving assembly, without the need for unloading first. BiGDUG pallet racking is available for all pallet sizes from EUR 6 (800 X 600 mm and below) to EUR 3 (1000 X 1200 mm), and the size range ensures that all industrial environments are catered for, from small businesses to large warehouses.

BiGDUG pallet racking systems are easily installed into any working environment, and with prices starting at just £240 (for a 2850 mm two-beam starter pack, 20 or more units) they offer a cost-effective way to tackle storage solutions in the quickest way possible - by unloading direct from the truck to the shelf.

BiGDUG palette racking is a versatile and cost effective way to store bulk goods. Racks consist of high visibility powder coated yellow beams, on adjustable grey frames. Heights vary from 2850 to 5850 mm, meaning pallets of all sizes can be accommodated. Racks can be further extended with add-on bays.

"Our pallet racking systems are totally versatile," commented Doug Nourse, Director of BiGDUG. "People can custom-build from a wide range of beams, frames and accessories or, alternatively, purchase our easy-to-install starter units. Whichever they choose, we promise they'll get great value!"