Toronto, Canada - GAO Instruments ( recommends its upgrade data acquisition product, the PCI4712 parallel data acquisition card. This four-channel and single-ended card features a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and four independent programmable amplifiers. It has been widely used for transient signal recording, refined frequency synthesis, multi-channel parallel acquisition systems and time-phase-sensitive acquisition. The data acquisition card with high speed is ideally suited for the formation of long-based, multi-channel virtual instrument systems.
This A0720005 parallel data acquisition card from GAO Instruments uses advanced technology and processes, and independent A/D for each channel, amplifier and buffer, thus making the product features synchrony expansion of multi-card, high-speed parallel acquisition, large-capacity cache, small phase difference, high precision. It offers a maximum sampling rate of 50Msps and refined sampling rates from 100sps to 50Msps. The high resolution card supports all-electronic calibration - there are no POTs on the card to adjust. Remote ynamic upgrade service and voltage signal acquisition range from 100mV to 20V; the maximum sampling depth of each channel is up to 16M.
This PCM4712 parallel data acquisition board is one of the GAO Instruments' popular line of PCI cquisition boards.
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