Valve Biz ( ), held by Skyway Information Co., Ltd., is an online B2B valve search engine and trade portal serving manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and importers in the valve industries. It aims to facilitate the process of doing business by developing a powerful, but easy-to-use platform to exchange information and share resources 24/7. It features:

Functional Categories
The directory is divided into three sections, Source by Types, Source by Materials, Source by Regions, so that buy-side users can find the exact manufacturers with their priority options.

Company Listing
Companies listed in Valve Biz are reviewed by our editors before being published. In addition to brief and to-the-point company introduction, each company is categorized to the proper categories to ensure buy-side users can find them following the categories.

Product Catalog
Each product is demonstrated in form of highly resolved pictures as well as complete description, such as specifications, minimum quantities, delivery time, payment terms and more. The products are both categorized in materials and types that leads buy-side users to find the items according to their specific requirements. It serves as the quick and easy way to know the product line of the companies.

The feature keeps sell-side users away from loss due to pile of inventory. It is also the definite source for buy-side users to snap up the best offers under market values.

News Releases
New product announcement, latest technology development and company activities are published here, which enables buy-side users to stay updated about what happens in valve businesses and industries.

Trade Shows
It lists trade shows, seminars and conferences held around the world in relation to valve industries. Information includes event names, dates, locations, websites, event profiles, exhibitor and attendee's information.

It compiles lists of organizations, associations, magazines, journals and documents regarding the valves. Whether you are interested in learning engineering knowledge, getting to know local markets, searching business opportunities, or seeing who is active in the industry, it serves as a definite tool to fulfill multiple purposes.

RSS Feed Services
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which is a standard XML-based format for sharing and distributing Web content. Using an RSS reader, you can view data feeds from our valve trading sources, such as companies, products, inventory, trade leads, news releases, and trade shows.