Over the past 12 months, Van Clan has undergone a drastic and sustained transformation with incredible growth statistics. Having accumulated over 200,000 fans on Facebook and tens of thousands of monthly readers on their website, Van Clan hopes to become the number one community for van dwellers, weekend warriors and digital nomads alike.

Van Clan first launched in April 2017 as a humble Facebook page with the aim of building a community of enthusiasts that love campervans and conversions. It became one of the most popular Facebook communities for travel addicts around the globe and grew beyond just a social media group. Van Clan quickly took off with thousands of members joining within the first week, and there’s no sign of their website slowing down either.

“I created this community to do one thing, and one thing only. Entertain van enthusiasts. VW Bus lovers, van lifers, Spinter addicts you name it! I have always wanted a off-road camper and have always loved watching videos and reading posts about them. So I decided to create a place that does exactly that, but better.” - Brandon Saltalamacchia, Founder

Van Clan contains a mix of content that covers luxury campervans, off-road vehicles and accessories, blog content on DIY van conversions, reviews of camping gear and even articles about fashionable items to wear when outdoors. This diverse range of content is part of Van Clan’s success and their new position as influencers in the campervan travel community. While there are existing websites that cover similar content, they often focus on luxury vehicles and motorcycles but rarely ever cover off-road campers and conversions. This is what Van Clan hopes to change. By introducing original written and video content to cover subjects like van life stories and off-grid vehicles, Van Clan hopes to bring more awareness to the lifestyle.

Part of Van Clan’s success is thanks to a general shift in awareness about off-the-grid living. Once a poorly-documented subject, it has been laid bare and exposed thanks to the many informative and down-to-earth articles that are on offer at Van Clan. In addition, people are generally more accepting of new holiday ideas and the thought of taking a road trip instead of flying to a country in a plane has become a popular choice. With so many people taking the plunge in recent months and investing more into campervans and conversions, Van Clan has situated itself as a central hub for all enthusiasts to join for news, reviews and updates on van life.

For more information, please refer to the contact information below.

Name: Brandon Saltalamacchia
Phone: +447491896650
Email: [email protected]
Web: https://vanclan.co/