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Vehicle tracking need not involve stacks of paperwork and guesswork. A vehicle tracking system from Simplytrak could generate significant savings for both your business and your customers.

Riplingham, Brough, United Kingdom, 16th April 2010 For most businesses and organisations vehicle tracking has largely depended upon paperwork, phone calls, time sheets and tachographs in order to try to use resources more efficiently, respond more effectively and comply with the Employer‘s Duty of Care requirements.
However, not only are such systems time-consuming, but they are also largely inefficient, providing only limited data and often only providing this data after it is too late to make significant savings in terms of cost.
An effective vehicle tracking system should be able to provide live data in a way that is useable in order to help speed up the entire system, save fuel and increase efficiency, lowering costs and allowing a business to both increase its profit margins and lower prices to customers, increasing interest.
Simplytrak is the UK‘s largest privately owned vehicle tracking company and one of the longest established vehicle tracking companies in the country. Their system provides meaningful live data that can be used to monitor exactly where vehicles are in real time, and analyse routes taken. For companies with a mobile fleet this enables businesses to see instantly exactly which mobile unit is closest to a customer, speeding up response time at the same time as improving efficiency and lowering fuel costs.
Simplytrak‘s easy to use vehicle tracking system is able to provide route data that allows businesses to identify where routes could be made more efficient or combined, helping to lower costs still further. Alerts can be programmed so that should a vehicle deviate from a route or an area, management are informed, helping to track and monitor the passage of valuable goods, or fraudulent use of resources.
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Simplytrak is one of the longest established vehicle tracking companies in the UK, and the largest privately owned vehicle tracking company in the country. Their vehicle tracking system has helped thousands of businesses save thousands of pounds.

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