Toronto, Canada November 02, 2009 -- With Halloween just around the corner, Verona Dental reminds parents that they must be mindful of what their children are eating - children are quick to eat all the candy they can find, without considering the consequences. Sugar, the primary ingredient in most candy, causes tooth enamel to decay. A spokesperson from the Verona Medical Group says "This is caused by the acids in your mouth breaking down the sugar into acid, which then corrodes the outer shell of the tooth, eventually leading to cavities. Remember, an ounce of prevention is greater than a pound of cure."

Verona Dental suggests the following healthy and/or creative treats for Halloween:
- Dried Fruit
- Sugarless Gum, such as Trident or Eclipse
- Individual bags of pretzels
- Crayons/Colored Pencils/Markers
- Cheap, small toys

Verona Dental also provides the following tips for keeping your kids, and their teeth, safe for Halloween:
- Brush your teeth after eating! The longer the acid and sugars stay on your teeth, the more damage they will do.
- Avoid sticky and sour candy. Sticky and sour candy cause the most damage to teeth.
- Don't let your children binge eat. It is better if you confiscate their candy and ration it out.

Verona Medical Group reminds parents that moderation is key. It is okay to let your child have a few pieces of candy, but do not let them go overboard.

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