Verragio ( is a company that specializes in the design of engagement rings and wedding bands of the highest quality. It has recently introduced a new Couture collection of engagement rings and wedding bands, adding to its existing collections of diamond rings.

“Each unique engagement ring within the Couture Collection features Verragio‘s signature Lumino Setting along with a crown shaped bezel beneath the center stone,” informs the spokesperson of the company, further adding that “these designer engagement rings are composed of clean lines and cutting edge designs that accommodate anywhere from a classic round center stone to an asscher or radiant cut.”

The exclusive Lumino setting for brilliance of diamonds was created by jewelry designer Barry Verragio, who started this company way back in 1996. The Lumino setting lifts the diamond up, exposing all its facets to the light. This enhances the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond by allowing it to capture 75% more light than the conventional diamond settings.

This setting is utilized in over 95% of Verragio styles, which “makes each Verragio design as unique as the woman who wears it.”

This is what Barry Verragio says, “A beautiful mounting should only enhance the beauty of a diamond in the same way a beautiful dress makes a woman even more beautiful."

The styles and patterns that form a part of this new Couture collection transcend time while maintaining the ´old world‘ classic foundation. Each design, whether it is for the diamond engagement rings or the wedding bands, is individually hand crafted and stands up to the Verragio name. Every unique engagement ring from the new collection unleashes the brilliance and sparkle of romance.

Verragio designs are available in Platinum, Palladium, 18K White Gold, and Yellow Gold, to suit the requirements of the buyer.

“We specialize in custom orders,” informs the spokesperson of the company. Adding further, the spokesperson says, “If you desire a ring that you can‘t seem to find or find that special ring that doesn‘t have a matching band, we will customize one for you, according to your specifications.”

Verragio does not sell directly to the public, but only exclusively through its authorized retailers. The company assures its customers that these authorized retailers have been carefully selected to represent the brand Verragio, ensuring that customers receive a “premium product backed by unsurpassable service.” Individuals, who would like to become an authorized retailer, need to fill up and submit a simple online form mentioning their personal details and business domains.

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