It is latest in news that the Video Conferencing saves lives in Health Industry; there are many initiatives being taken for saving human life by the help of video conferencing. The Kansas board of Regents has awarded $2.1M for video conferencing. Its huge information network connects hospitals, higher educational institutions and libraries etc. This network is supporting telemedicine; better coordination of healthcare needs of patients with doctors irrespective of the geography of locations.

The Video conferencing in this field offers great help. It is actually a method of communication between two or many individuals concurrently. It is a way for abridging rifts between people. Video conferencing due to its wide applications is being popularly used in all the businesses. Apart from businesses it has tremendously entered into the arena of other fields.

In recent years the health industry has shown a remarkable progress. The equipments and devises being used for the ailment of various deadly deceases have given it a multi-direction support to progress further. Among these devises, the Video Conferencing Set-up Equipments are playing a very important role. With its inclusion, many traveling costs have greatly reduced. In this way not only the money but also the precious time is being saved.

With this technology doctors can now discuss several cases sitting at the distant places in the world. Imagine doctors and scientists sitting in US are discussing some typical urgent case with their counterparts in China, in real-time and with nearly very little expense incurring in the high definition video conferencing, when compared with the cost of traveling, staying at hotels and the value of time and the life of patient.

Many countries are making big investments in the installation of various conferencing equipments in Health Industry, be it audio or video conferencing system. In US only, under Obama administration, billions of dollars are being spent for installation of these sophisticated equipments.

One of the great advantages of using Video Conference technology is that wherever possible, people are now having medical checkups through video Conferencing. Thus the need to go to clinic is getting reduced. This is especially being useful when there is no means of making communication between a doctor and a patient like when someone is in a remote place and making connection on time with the doctor is impossible.

This process of providing distant treatment is saving many lives and if the technology continues to spread at this rate, then it is not difficult to achieve the national targets of decreasing the mortality rate by delivering real-time treatments. Apart from that in future there will be potential reduction in the cost of treatment.

The Video Conferencing is also helping medical colleges worldwide as any new method of treatment or operation technology can now be shared with all. Along with that many online tutoring programs are being organized that teach the students or even doctors the latest trends and technology in the health industry.

The establishment of Video Conferencing incurs an affordable amount when compared to the savings from the other expenses. The conferencing equipments need high definition video, audio devises, cameras, end-points, networking equipments, white boards etc. There are conferencing equipments of many famous brands, available in the market; a few of them offer free installation along with many others discounts and offers.

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