No matter whether you have signed up already, or you're still evaluating, this ViSalus review will help,
and I will also show you what you must watch out for with the ViSalus BMW car bonus.

The Company - ViSalus Sciences

The company is certainly not new. They've been in business for many years, but are just now
beginning to acquire momentum. They started back in early 2005 with Ryan Blair as the CEO. Ryan
seems to be a great leader and provides a lot of experience with the network marketing industry.

ViSalus also now has the support of a billion dollar giant, Blyth Inc. In my opinion this
will in all probability guarantee the longevity of the company, but there's often that fear that the
company is currently run by share holders, and earnings are more important than distributors. That's
just my opinion as a seasoned networker though, but I thought it was truly worth mentioning. Lets hope
that the company always puts the distributors first.

ViSalus Product - "Body by Vi"

The Body by Vi reviews have been unbelievable, and the Body by Vi Challenge is certainly
advancing the momentum of the company. The ViSalus product is a total nutritional program
which is largely developed for weight loss and body transformation.

At a glance the Body by Vi appears to be just simply another weight loss shake, but after performing a
little homework I discovered that it's really a total nutritional program that gives the
body all the components it needs to stay healthy, suppress your cravings, and replace a few of your
less healthy meals with a shake.

ViSalus Pay plan

ViSalus is a network marketing company that uses an unilevel comp plan to pay its
distributors for developing a network of individuals who are buying and using the Body by Vi shakes.

A unilevel plan is basically a plan that pays a person on levels. You can have as many as you want
to sign up on your first level, and everyone they sign up goes on your next level and so on.

The ViSalus compensation plan contains weekly fast start bonuses, monthly residual bonuses on
reoccurring orders, and infinity bonuses when you hit the Ambassador rank.

ViSalus BMW Car Bonus

Other than the Body by Vi product and Challenge, the BMW car bonus looks like it's bringing in a
lot of individuals to this company. I will admit, driving a brand new black BMW is pretty awesome.
The qualification for this bonus is $12,500 in monthly volume.

Here's my only suggestion though. I'm sure some volume stacking takes place in order to assist
individuals get their BMW, which is ok. But always remember there will probably be attrition in any
business, and it's your credit at risk.

So just be sure you can sustain that minimum volume on your own, otherwise that BMW car
payment will probably be up to you to pay for each month.

In Conclusion

I believe ViSalus is a solid company with sound leadership, and a good product. They do
appear to be product driven and that is an outstanding thing. My only issue is that I don't want to
watch those black BMW's getting towed away because the average person could not maintain their
monthly volume to remain qualified. Once again just my thoughts, remember that with any company you
get out of it what you put in.

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