July 30, 2009 - Online wig retailer Voguewigs.com offers its customers the opportunity to buy a wig and have ten percent of their order donated to nationally recognized charities. By entering one of two special coupon codes on check-out Voguewigs.com will donate ten percent of the order value of any Wigs purchased to one of two charities as selected by the customer: Help Find A Cure For Breast Cancer (also known as the Pink Ribbon campaign) or the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF).

Medical hair loss can be a devastating consequence of treatment for those affected by certain conditions and this is especially true of women. Since 1981, the National Alopecia Areata Foundation has been assisting people affected by the autoimmune skin disease that frequently results in hair loss. AFF also funds research into the causes and potential treatments for the condition. Breast Cancer continues to be one of the leading causes of death among American; according to American Cancer Society statistics, over 40,000 American women died of this disease in 2007. Treatments for Breast Cancer, including chemotherapy, often result in medical hair loss, making the experience all the more intrusive and affecting day to day life for those undergoing therapy.

While Voguewigs.com offers thousands of fashion wigs, including several product lines designed specifically to meet the needs of women who are undergoing treatment for Alopecia Areata or Breast Cancer, the company has partnered with these charities in order to promote the idea that research leading to a cure is the preferred option.

“We are proud to offer products which specially cater to the needs of women suffering from alopecia or cancer. However, we believe that curing the cause of medical hair loss is ultimately the best solution for these special customers. It is our sincere hope that these customers will one day wear wigs for fashion and style versus out of medical necessity.”

For further information about Voguewigs.com, please visit Voguewigs.com. Detailed information about Alopecia Areata, including support, research and fundraising is available at The National Alopecia Areata Foundation‘s website (Naaf.org). There are a number of web sites associated with Breast Cancer treatment, but the Pink Ribbon campaign‘s (Pinkribbon.com) provides information specific to funding breast cancer treatment and research.

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Mike J. Herranen