USA - Corrosion resistant and radiant home decoration items have been in vogue for quite some time now, and a leading wallpaper supplier online,, recently followed the trend by announcing that all their products are made of PVC materials now. The PVC wall mural wallpaper products are corrosion resistant and durable. The manufacturers said that PVC is easy to maintain and is a completely waterproof material which has high moisture resistance as well.

The manufacturers of also claimed that PVC materials which they use in their 3D wallpaper products are also completely safe for babies and pregnant ladies. They added that the wallpapers are made of completely safe and environment-friendly materials. now refrains from using plasticizer and anti-aging agents to make their products ductile and tough. The owners said that mixing these elements make the products tougher, but at the same time, the toxic materials used in the products may cause serious health problems to children, elderly people and pregnant women as well. Therefore, they have decided to use only non-toxic PVC materials in all their kids mural wallpaper products and other wallpapers.

“We always keep in mind that the wallpapers may be touched by the kids at home and they may suck their own fingers after touching the wallpapers. Therefore, if we use toxic PVC material, which claimed by some as the toughest and most durable material for making wallpapers, we may inadvertently cause harm to children and pregnant people as well as people who are allergic to the toxic materials. Therefore, we have decided not to use any sort of toxic material in our wallpapers”, said a chief sales and marketing executive of wall mural wallpaper manufacturing company.

The executive also maintained that their site now contains complete guidelines and instructions on installation and regular maintenance of PVC wallpapers. He said that one can also get in touch with the chat support team to know more about how to use these products. “We highly recommend users to check out the terms and conditions before buying any of our products. Reading the user guidelines is also highly recommended”, he added.

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