The world of entertainment is getting exciting day by day. The number of 'screens' that deliver content has constantly increased over the years and we now have the most portable and convenient media to date, revolutionizing the world - the mobile screen. is an innovative initiative that brings to this space, exciting content that appeals to the young audience. The content includes snippets specially created for like SAM, Token of Love (animated jokes) and snapshots from happening events in dance, music, lifestyle, and more, all are WAP enabled. is brought by a team that's a perfect mix of youth and experience - professionals with years of experience in television content and film production. Led by Mr.Venkat, the team consists of talented producers, directors, writers, illustrators, animators and other creative folks who have to their credit experience in feature film production, innovative television content creation, feature visual effects, and content for the internet. is unique in its business and delivery model and is advertisement powered which enables the end user to view the content free of charge. The company has forged relationships with a leading online video ad provider and is seeking alliances with several like-minded content creation individuals/ companies to partner to further enrich the customer entertainment experience. is now accessible online and there are future plans to make it available through IPTV and Bluetooth.

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