Press Release Date: 26/11/2009:

TADAWUL the premier Stock Exchange in the Region, has launched a State of the Art Media Room in conjunction with WAVETEC, the leading Information Display System provider in the Middle East.

The Media Room has been equipped with the latest in display technology and enables TADAWUL to provide live Market information and real-time Financial Analysis throughout the day.

With over sixty meters of running LED tickers and over twenty square meters of Display Screens TADAWUL Media room offers a truly captivating experience of financial data visualization. Wavetec has custom designed the displays to expertly match the contours of the Media Room.
Additionally TADAWUL‘s Media Room has revolutionized the Stock Ticker model by synchronizing easily recognizable Corporate Logos with the live data instead of displaying difficult to follow outdated Stock Symbols.
The ground breaking Wavetec Content Management System, WCMSTM allows TADAWUL to extract Live Data from the Stock Exchange Trading System, and further moulds it into real-time stunning Financial Analysis graphics. WCMSTM is the backbone which allows any number or size of Wavetec Displays to be linked to it via IP network. In the future the WCMSTM ground work will allow TADAWUL to empower Saudi investors with visually appealing live data throughout the kingdom.
WAVETEC is the leading Information Display Provider to the regions Stock Exchanges, Brokerage and Financial Houses.

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asim mahmood