Los Angeles, CA ( 12PressRelease ) August 6, 2009 - Today the online website maker WebEden.net announced it had launched a free website building service in the USA. This means that anyone in the USA can build their own website for free using the Sitemaker platform. In addition, if anyone wants help building a website then the design services team can help them complete the job.

The WebEden Domain Registration service is also available to US customers, with .com domains starting at $12.99 per year. Every domain name comes with 5 free email addresses, full webmail, and pop3 & smtp email collection.

WebEden MD Ken Builder commented: “We‘ve long maintained that our website builder is the best in the UK. Over the last year we‘ve had lots of customer enquiries from the USA. So we looked at the market there and realised that there really isn‘t anything to compare to our service. For people who want to build a genuinely great looking website for free, there really isn‘t much choice. So we decided to take it local and set up shop over there. As customer satisfaction is paramount to us, we decided the only logical solution would be to offer the Americans a localised service”.

Practically, this means that Americans can now go to http://www.webeden.net to build a free website. Should they want to get in touch, they can speak with representatives at WebEden‘s new US office in Los Angeles.

When asked if he thought it would be difficult to break into the fierce American market, Ken Builder replied: “the UK market is also fierce and we have had little difficulty entrenching ourselves in that. If you have a good product, and you look after your customers, then success should follow. We are confident the Americans will love our product as much as people over here do!”

About WebEden

Webeden (http://www.webeden.net) is an independently run, London based, web software company. The company‘s maverick and refreshing approach gives it outstanding presence in the burgeoning market for website design tools. Through its online site building tool SiteMaker, Webeden is making it easy for everyone, no matter what their experience, to build a website. Over 2,000,000 have already tried and succeeded.

For more information see http://www.webeden.net

Ken Builder