Keeping in sync with the ever increasing demands of a digital age, WebFishery has expanded its service umbrella to offer Pay for Performance lead generation through white papers, case studies, virtual trade shows and e-books.
SAN JOSE, California,November, 2009 — WebFishery (, industry‘s sole webinar leads provider with a pay for performance model has expanded its service offering. WebFishery has introduced lead generation services through white papers, case studies, virtual trade shows and e- books.
With the idea of leveraging otherwise dormant collateral assets for Pay for Performance lead generation, WebFishery aims to drive maximum benefit to your business in minimum cost.
Collateral Assets as a Potential Marketing Tool
Case studies are your performance cards and Webfishery brings to you the new, cost-effective way to spread the word of praise about your work. WebFishery‘s unique Pay for Performance service model promotes your case studies across multiple channels, encouraging viewers to sign up and download it. By getting more prospects to register, Webfishery ensures a regular inflow of leads into your sales funnel. Similarly, white papers are a great way to spread the word about how your real-time customers can use cutting-edge solutions to boost their productivity and operate their businesses more efficiently. By circulating white papers that matter to your audiences, WebFishery establishes you as a thought leader.
What‘s more, by creating a buzz around the work done by you, we particularly target generating greater interest and awareness about your organization, products and services.


• Avant Garde ´Pay for Performance‘ model where you pay ONLY for the leads that you qualify
• Multiple distribution channels—including print and web to capture more of your target customers
• A cost effective way to be visible to the key decision-makers globally
• Greater ROI
• Increased visibility amongst niche client base, as well as new prospects
• Double your sales pipeline quickly

To know more about the new services and our ´Pay for Performance‘ model, please visit:

WebFishery Makes Block Buster Webinars
In addition to the new services, WebFishery provides a gamut of webinar services including webinar lead generation, presentation enhancement, webinar promotion and post webinar marketing. WebFishery‘s promotional strategies for webinars include:
• Social Media Optimization
• Creating Email Marketing
• Landing Page Optimization
• SEO and Brand Awareness
• Post Webinar promotion on online mediums like YouTube
About WebFishery
WebFishery, a Tangence company, is committed to delivering lead generation solutions that are designed to meet performance, value, consistency requirements for businesses of all types and sizes. We generate Qualified Webinar Leads targeted to your industry and your criteria! We understand that businesses everywhere are now looking at the Internet as one of the most important lead generation channels. At WebFishery, we provide you with qualified prospects to attend your online events your webinars.
“At WebFishery, we are committed to providing the best possible leads to our clients. Our performance-based model enables customers to benefit from our services at minimum risk. We are continuously improving our online webinar solutions and strengthening our client relationships to provide world-class service,” said Anand Krushnan, Director Direct Marketing.
About Tangence
Headquartered in San Jose, California, Tangence provides a comprehensive suite of marketing and sales services to a broad spectrum of clients across all sectors, and including major technology firms such as IBM, Oracle, and HP. Tangence was founded on the insight that a fundamental shift is underway in the services industry and that traditional tradeoffs between quality and value are no longer relevant. Tangence has pioneered a unique execution model that provides speed and scale of execution to clients with the added advantage of significant cost savings.
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