The solution to order free torpedoes what more it attracts the intersailors, at present, is the offer of this service in several sites in the Internet. The official sites of the enterprises of telephony also make the tool available of sending free torpedo, but you punish for his clients. If a person is not a client of the operator, but it wants to order a SMS for a number of her, it will have his denied access.

This restriction and other benefits do so that the sites to order online free torpedoes are a good alternative to be communicated with any number of telephone through text messages. Besides offering this service, these pages web make available other tools, like interaction with the social nets, be Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, or with the too existent ones in the Internet.

The one who does use of these sites also can create his personalized diary, while adding the contact of the persons with the one who more exchanges SMS, so, in the hour of ordering free torpedo, it is not necessary to key in all the data of the addressee, they hardly will click on his name already safe in the diary. Some sites offer many other informations, like explanations for the one who needs desbloquear a cellphone and hints to discard in correct way you would slam and old cellphones.

Besides, these sites can help the intersailors who need to identify the operator of some number, so, on the contrary of what it was possible to do, some years ago, nowadays, is not possible any more to identify the enterprise of movable telephony only for the number of the cellphone. With the numerical portabilidade, which allows what a person exchanges of operator and maintains the same number of his cellphone, it was made impracticable to know certainly which operator belongs a number.

However, in spite of making easy in much the life of the intersailors who like to send torpedoes to communicate, these sites that send free and online SMS are developed through the breaches in the security of the official sites of the enterprises of telephony. So, to any moment a site can stop working, if that breach of the page web of the operator is removed.

In other words, these alternative sites are not the different form of sending torpedoes, but yes, pages web what do the bridge between the users and the sites of the enterprises of telephony, however, allowing that the tool is in use without so much bureaucracy. For that very reason, there are some restrictions in the use of these sites. However much they make much easier to order a SMS, the sites do not do miracles, while offering means that other sites do not allow in no way.

For better opinion his functioning, it is possible to catch like example the case of the operator TIM. This enterprise does not offer in his site the service of sending of free messages of text, not even for client, much less, for not clients. In some seasons, it is possible even to see this available service without the collection of taxes, but it is not anything constant. Therefore, these alternative sites also do not manage to make the sending of free torpedoes available. Anyway, even with some exceptions, they are still manageable more simple of communicating between cellphones.

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