Chandler, AZ : From starter homes to multi-million dollar mansions, has thousands of sellers who are desperate for an offer ...any offer. is the only source for qualified “webuyhouses” leads for investors looking to purchase properties below market value. Not only can we save you money and time on marketing, we also prescreen the leads to ensure they are motivated before you ever get contacted.
80% of the properties are NOT LISTED; you won't find them through your local agent or multiple listing service (MLS) or even on foreclosure lists. Home owners contact us via our “webuyhouses” marketing campaign long before the house goes into foreclosure. Sellers want to avoid a scarred credit record and just get away from their mortgage mess…that is where comes in. After the “webuyhouses” leads are screened to ensure quality and that they are worthy of your time, you are sent an extensive email with ALL of the property and seller information. The same information is sent to your personal, secure, back-end lead management software which you can access anytime and anywhere. To view a sample lead visit,
Why should you use this lead generation service?
We pay for ALL of the marketing, spend endless hours contacting and being contacted by sellers looking to get out fast. We have a staff of professionals working around the clock sorting hot, warm and cold leads. Only those seller leads with equity are emailed to you. Timing is everything in business; all leads are sent in real time. Subscribers pay a low fixed monthly fee and never have to sign a contract or agree to long term commitments. We are SO sure our service will allow you to make more money and be more successful that we guarantee your success!
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