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Janette managed to lose 57 pounds of fat in just 4 months on a new weight loss program. This was the first time she noticed really fast results, as she lost almost 10 pounds in her first week.

On this page http://weightloss-stories.com/jannette-joly-lost-57-pounds-of-fat/ Janette is sharing for free the plan she followed in her first week, so women who want to lose 10 pounds in a week, can get started for free if they follow the instructions from the page.

Janette is a beautiful mother in her early 40’s who’s been trying to lose her second pregnancy weight for years. She followed over 10 diet plans with little success and the maximum she lost was 7 pounds, but because these diets were restrictive, she always gained back the weight she lost.

One day while she was browsing on Facebook, she found an interesting article about how triggering a female hormone can speed up metabolism with over 50%.

She followed the links in the article and eventually decided to sign up for the program presented in the article.

She was really busy with her 2 kids, and the new promotion she received at her job, allowed her to spend under 30 minutes a day on this new weight loss attempt.

But she was really lucky because the program’s workouts were very short, only 10 minutes long and the meal plan, had over 1700 calories per day and the meals took only a few minutes to prepare.

In her first week she lost 10 pounds and almost 3 dress sizes, which gave her the confidence and motivation to keep going, and in 4 months she lost 57 pounds.

2 Years have passed and Janette hasn’t gained a single pound back and has become a part time personal trainer who helps other women achieve their weight loss goals.

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