Toronto, Canada - GAO Comm ( has announced the availability of its multi-functional optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) for use with CATV,ISP and telecommunication fiber networks.This portable OTDR is widely used for loss analysis and fault locating in the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of fiber optic networks and equipment.
The reliable OTDR,model 3620, features a compact size and large capacity battery that enables continuous operation for over 12 hours.The handheld OTDR displays the fiber's length, attenuation coefficient,connection point, fault point and loss distribution curve.It provides two on screen markers that can be used to zoom in and out on curve details and automatically locate fault points then create a list.The portable OTDR supports up to six sets of test result comparisons simultaneously while any single result is observable.The test results and event analysis lists can be printed out through the print-screen-function, which also allows the user to upload the data to a PC.The easy-to-use device is able to measure 50km-long fiber within 30s with a high S/N ratio.In addition, the reliable OTDR can operate in harsh environments due to its robust design.
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