San Diego, CA - Surf Munkey LLC experiences major expansion in Florida. ENT Associates of South Florida is now offering Wet Plugzâ„¢, which are a unique patent-pending surf and watersports earplug. ENT Associates of South Florida is one of the largest private practice otolaryngology/audiology groups in the country and have been caring for the needs of their patients since 1963.

"Exostosis, more commonly known as surfer's ear, continues to be a growing concern for surfers and other water sports enthusiasts, all of whom make up a sizable portion of our patient population", says Patricia Ramos, Au.D., Director of Audiology and Rehabilitative Services for ENT Associates of South Florida. "If the patient can't hear well when using a form of ear protection to protect against the formation of exostosis, then they're less likely to wear the protection at all", says Ramos.

Cindy Solomon, Audiology Business Coordinator for the ENT Associates group, added "our offices already provide custom earplugs, so adding the Wet Plugz brand of custom earplugs to the list of products we offer was an easy decision, especially to help our watersports patients".

"We are very excited to have the ENT Associates of South Florida team join our growing list of hearing healthcare providers offering our unique custom earplugs", said Scott Orman, head of Product Development at Surf Munkey. "With this addition, our customers now have an extensive list of convenient locations in the South Florida area, for ordering a pair of these custom earplugs and protecting themselves without impairing their sports activities".

About the Wet Plugz Product

Wearing earplugs during surfing has always meant sacrificing the ability to hear, and often resulted in simply foregoing using earplugs, at the risk of developing exostosis (also known as "surfer's ear"). Wet Plugzâ„¢ allow the user to keep the sound pathway clear, so wearing ear protection no longer means being unable to hear.

About ENT Associates of South Florida

ENT Associates of South Florida is a private practice otolaryngology/audiology group, with 42 physicians in 30 office locations conveniently located throughout Broward, Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Okeechobee Counties. ENT Associates offers comprehensive general and sub-specialty ENT medical and surgical care as well as diagnostic and rehabilitative audiological care within the convenience of one medical group.

About Surf Munkey

Surf Munkey develops and manufactures uniquely functional surf and water sports equipment. The company's first product was created when the founder was unable to find a hat that would support surfing in large waves without the bill getting in the way - so the FlipUpBillâ„¢ hat was invented. The inability to hear well while wearing earplugs has been an even longer running frustration as a water sports enthusiast, and proved much more of a challenge, but Wet Plugzâ„¢ earplugs now provide a superior solution.

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Scott Orman
Director of Product Development