In April 2018, Microsoft has started to test a completely new Outlook user interface for Windows. Initially, the web version of underwent a redesign, the results of which are already visible to ordinary users. Now, a corporate switch has also become available to corporate users, with which it is possible to get early access to the new interface of the web version of Outlook and the client for Windows. IT Support Nottingham and Managed Network Services Providers have already started their operational plan with this issue.

The necessity to rework the Outlook interface for Windows has been around for a long time. And along with Office 2019, the company will offer users a new client, which will include a simplified ribbon that will perfectly fit with other Office applications, as well as new icons. All this will make the Outlook interface cleaner and more modern. Interface changes will also affect the Outlook Calendar, with which you will be able to efficiently manage your time, events and meetings.

Very soon, the company will begin to distribute the updated Outlook for Windows among the Office Insider participants (and organizations using the Monthly Channel). The new interface of the Web version of Outlook is available for organizations using the Targeted Release, starting in April/2018.

Actually, what changes are being prepared for Outlook and, in general, Office 2019? IT Outsourcing companies already know that the updated interface should be easier, more personalized and smarter, and allow you to perform familiar operations faster and more efficiently. The latest announcement concerns the options “Coming Soon” and “Try the new Outlook”, which will allow users to gradually get used to the updated environment, if necessary, easily returning to the former.

In the case of the classic program, the “Coming Soon” option activates a new, simplified ribbon menu with a set of frequently used tools; Improved list of messages, facilitating the search for important letters; an updated letter view pane, more space for content and less heading, as well as other changes that can be viewed in a separate publication of the Outlook blog.

More innovations are being prepared for users of the Outlook on the web service (not to be confused with This is a smart search, taking into account, first of all, recent conversations and people with whom you correspond most often, and the ability to view all files stored in the mailbox, and improvements for groups. The service team also briefly spoke about all of them the other day.

Microsoft decided to launch for it a number of innovations that improve the service not only in terms of functionality but also in terms of aesthetics. So far, all these changes are available to a small group of users, but in the coming weeks, they will be launched for everyone.

Key Features:
Clutter: improves mailbox management. It works for the user, automatically separating incoming low priority in a separate folder that allows you to see only the most important letters. The more you use, the better the Clutter works. If necessary, the function can be disabled.

Search suggestions and refinements: quickly find what you need. When using the search feature, Outlook will send suggestions that allow you to specify the sender, folder, date of receipt and attachments.

New themes: 13 new themes added to help users express their individuality in their inbox.

Previewing links: simply insert the link in the message so that automatically generates a thumbnail that allows the recipient to look at the content. The function works great with all web pages, as well as with videos from Vimeo and YouTube.

Images: the user can copy and paste images directly into the message body, right wherever he wants.

Creating new letters: if you need to work with more than one email, you can create a message in a new window.

Docking and Marking: Keep important emails at the top of your inbox using the dock function or mark them with “flags”.

Add-ons: Bing Maps and other add-ons that are already integrated into will be complemented by third-party add-ons from Uber, Boomerang, and PayPal.

The company also strengthened the integration of with its other services. Skype will be available directly from the mail, providing chat, voice and video calls, and email attachments can be opened side by side and edited in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In addition to all this, the company has streamlined file sharing tools with OneDrive.

All of these new features will be available to every user very soon. Connect your IT Services Nottingham as well as Managed Network Companies for further assistance.