There is quite a bit of conflicting information about energy drinks and food bars. One reason for this is that there are hundreds of brands that use these generic names for their products. Any Joe Blow can name a brew an "energy drink" or "energy bar", however this can mean just about anything. This means you need to charily review each item and figure out what its ingredients are. To assist you in finding a path around all the energy and food bars in today's marketplace, we'll be sharing some constructive methods for determining what is real and what is not.

Many use energy drinks to increase their endurance during workouts or other exercise routines. This of course includes just about anyone including high school athletes, professionals, middle ages men and women. In general the most ideal beverage is water to keep your body hydrated during exercise. As you may have realized many of the things found in energy drinks that give you that "boost" albeit short term can also have a crashing effect on you later. If weight loss is your goal but you need the extra energy for your workout, try to find one with no added sugar.

Energy or food bars can be healthy, or they can be little more than sugar-filled candy bars given a healthier label. Nevertheless, in actuality, you can simply eat foods that are similar to a healthy energy bar without spending money on these packaged products. The ideal food bars have nutritionally dense foods, like nuts, seeds and fruits, so if your start eating these foods as snacks then you can save money and also get the same benefits. Healthy trail mixes are a great snack choice, as long as they're not chocked full of chocolate candy or additional junk foods that are now often slinked into trail mixes. The right food bars can be nutritious, but you can also find the equivalent without buying them.

Many energy drinks exist that are called fruit infused water or something similar. What you are really seeing is a water with a hint of fruit. Because you can drink as many of these as you want without the sugar or caffeine crash that you'll get from and energy drink they are really quite a healthy option for you. Make these "energy" drinks easily in your own kitchen by adding some fruit flavoring to your everyday water for a pleasant satisfying taste. However, if you're in a hurry, these beverages can be a good energy drink alternative, as they're completely natural and don't have the side effects of many commercial drinks. Energy drinks and food bars as you can see, require forethought and good judgment. Some of them are good for you, especially when you don't overuse them, but you have to remember that the companies who manufacture them are trying to sell their products, so you have to look past the labels. There are so many energy drinks and food bars on the market, you have to find out which ones are good and which are simply junk foods.

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