Entrepreneurs showed the world many years ago that outstanding incomes are possible with Adsense. Adsense can work well for anyone who decides to use it, of course there are other factors involved that will determine degree of success. If you make the decision to join the Adsense program, then a word of caution would be to always follow their terms of service lest your account is terminated, permanently. What will be required of you as you use the program so you can protect your business?

One thing you do have to take care about is placing too many ad blocks on any one page. How you want the ads to be displayed, the format of them, will make the determination as to the number of ads you end up with on a page.

As far as your overall approach to advertising, you really should do what you think is best; but avoid overdoing it with a bunch of ads. There is the issue about privacy with Adsense, and it is not your privacy that Google is concerned about - it is theirs. Google does not want certain things shared about their business, plus they want to avoid click fraud due to your friends. Tracking and monitoring is something Google does extremely well, and they will easily spot excessive clicks coming from anywhere. There is no reason to do that, plus you account will be terminated for life.

Be very sure to monitor your CTR, or click through rate, for your Adsense account. There is an average CTR which is between one and five percent, and if it exceeds that then you need to investigate. If you realize an abnormally high click through rate, then the best course of action is to get in touch with Google Adsense customer support. This is important for you to report to Google because you do not want any suspicion cast on your Adsense business.

This was merely an introduction to Adsense policies and procedures, and if nothing else just take away that you have to be very careful and stay within the boundaries. It makes more sense to take a few measures, rather than have all your earnings disappear overnight along with your disabled account.

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