There are lots of online services today where you can get tax advice free. Because of free tax advice, you may be asking if you will still need the services of a tax attorney. For simple tax concerns like preparation and filing, the services of a tax lawyer may not be too critical anymore. But for solving complicated problems, then you will definitely need the help a tax attorney. The need for legal help therefore depends primarily on the extent of your problems with the IRS.

For your personal taxes, you can use tax preparation software and take advantage of the electronic filing system of the IRS. Most tax preparation programs today are very sophisticated and accurate. The sophistication of modern tax software makes tax preparation simpler and uncomplicated. All you have to do is to organize your data, input the correct financial information and the rest will be handled by the tax software. So there is no need for a tax attorney to intervene in the tax preparation and filing procedures. And if you want to clarify a few things about the filing procedures, you can easily get tax advice free from the IRS or from a reputable online tax support service.

But there are instances when you will hit a snag with your tax preparation and filing. For example, the IRS can commit service errors and miscalculations which could raise the taxes that you will pay. Due to such errors, you may find it hard to pay your taxes. If you fail to pay your taxes on time, then the IRS will impose stiff penalties on you. In such cases, you will certainly need the help of a tax attorney that will represent you during negotiations for Penalty Abatement. This is a complicated process and will require the specific expertise of a tax professional. Getting tax advice free is not enough to solve your problems. There are IRS protocols and rules that need to be followed closely in order for your abatement appeal to move forward. So you will be better off if you can be represented by a competent tax attorney.

There are also situations when it would be very difficult for you to pay your taxes. So the normal recourse that you might take is to skip paying your tax dues. The next year, your tax problems will grow worse because you have to settle your past due taxes, pay the penalties, and pay your current income tax. Your problem will only get bigger at this point as the IRS can sue you for tax evasion. However, there are several solutions for settling past due taxes with the IRS. You can negotiate for a payment settlement or you can file for bankruptcy to discharge your back taxes. When this situation happens to you, then you will really need the help of a tax attorney. You can still get tax advice free from tax support services but it would be best if you will hire a tax attorney so you can quickly solve your tax problems.

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