Have you ever heard of Metro Ethernet? Most companies and organizations that share an Internet connection over a network will generally at some point and time begin to research advancements in technology which can actually enhance such a connection and network. During their research they are likely to come into contact with the phrase: Metro Ethernet. That is because more and more companies are beginning to discover how powerful and effective Metro Ethernet can be when it comes to increasing their companies productivity.

Whicht1 explains Metro Ethernet in a very clear manner. Whicht1 explain Metro Ethernet as follows: “Metro Ethernet is a type of Carrier Ethernet used for the creation of metropolitan area networks (MANs). Used to connect a community, an academic environment, or a large corporation in a single wide area network or the Internet, the technology‘s high degree of scalability allows it to accommodate very large areas.” Does this sound like something that could be beneficial to your company or organization? If so you should consider contacting Whicht1 with any and all questions that you may have concerning Metro Ethernet.

There are many websites that claim to be authorities when it comes to Metro Ethernet and T1 Lines. However, the majority of these websites fail to produce the results that Whicht1 has been known to provide in the past. This is due in part to education and knowledge. Whicht1 does not try to sell you Metro Ethernet or T1 Lines. Instead, they begin by explaining what these two things are and how they can take your company to the next level.

Whicht1 explains Metro Ethernet and T1 Lines very clearly. They cut out the technological jargon and paint you a vivid and real picture of how each of these work. They can then explain to you how each of these elements can play a vital role in increasing your company‘s productivity and visibility. They can provide you with the pros and cons for Metro Ethernet and T1 Lines. Most companies simply try to sell you their products and services, while Whicht1 actually tries to educate consumers about their services and how they can assist a company without being pushy or attempting to pawn off unneeded services.

When it comes to T1 Lines, Whicht1 explains T1 Lines as: “A T1 line gives you the most reliable high speed internet connection you can get. If your business can not afford to be off line for any length of time then you should seriously consider a T1 line. A T1 Line guarantees bandwidth in both your uplink and downlink directions allowing significant bandwidth for multiple people and multiple applications.” There‘s no clearer or more plain and simple manner in which to put it. Whicht1 then poses questions for you to answer. Based on these answers they can determine whether T1 lines would effective or ineffective at your place of business.

Additionally, Whicht1 is one of the most straightforward and honest companies that you are likely to come into contact with. They are not in the business of trying to sell companies things that they don‘t need. Therefore, you never have to worry about them selling you need something when you really don‘t need it just to make a sale.

Whicht1 explains T1 Lines: http://www.whicht1.com/t1/T1-Lines-for-Small-Business.htm and Whicht1 explains Metro Ethernet: http://www.whicht1.com/t1/Metro-Ethernet.htm in layman‘s terms. They can determine whether either of these would be effective at increasing your company‘s productivity.

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